FBO RIGA becomes IS-BAH registered company

07 December 2017, Riga 

FBO RIGA becomes IS-BAH registered company


In November 2017 FBO RIGA located at the Riga International Airport, Latvia, has received the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) resolution on it’s IS-BAH registration approval.

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) was developed by IBAC and implemented in 2014 adding to the successful IS-BAO safety standard for business aviation. Currently 89 organizations are listed as IS-BAH registered.

FBO RIGA has become the first FBO in the Baltic States who demonstrated its conformity to the standard and who received the IS-BAH certificate.

“We are proud to announce that we have accomplished the IS-BAH registration. It has been a long way and we can say it was started already at the stage of the FBO projecting. Safety is one of the most important priorities in aviation. The audit took several days, but a several month preparation period had taken place before that. But the audit can be successful only in case the performance is realized with consideration of all safety aspects”, comments Roman Starkov, co-owner of the Flight Consulting Group Holding, which comprises FBO RIGA.

Terry Yeomans, IS-BAH program director at IBAC welcomes this achievement: “We are very glad that FBO RIGA achieves IS-BAH registration joining those, who have already successfully implemented the standard. Now FBO RIGA is the only IS-BAH registered FBO in the Baltic States and we look forward to the development of the program in the region. FBO RIGA Quality manager Kristaps Freimanis and his team can be proud of their achievement!”


About FBO RIGA (part of Flight Consulting Group): business aviation center FBO RIGA was opened in September 2015. FBO RIGA is a certified service provider of ground handling and business aviation complex operator at Riga International Airport. The complex comprises a 1200 sq.m. business aviation terminal for reception of passengers and crews, a 8400 sq.m. hangar, and an apron with parking for business aircraft and helipads. FBO RIGA is the first IS-BAH registered FBO in the Baltic States.