RUBAA to Provide Conference Program at RUBAE

23 July 2018, RUBAA Press Release

The International Business Aviation Exhibition RUBAE will take place in Moscow on 12-14 of September 2018, at Vnukovo-3 Business Aviation Center.

The Russian United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA) this year performs as conference program organizer, which is to be se under the exhibition. A series of meetings with experts will take place in the Vnukovo-3 hangar in a specially equipped conference hall.

«We already have a solid experience in organization of such events, and I highly appreciate the organizer’s invitation to for a new collaboration, comments Anna Serezhkina, RUBAA Executive Director.

«This year we expand the format. During two days, RUBAA will be organizing a number of events, each no longer than one hour. This will allow the attendees of the show to receive information and to loose time dedicated to contacting the exhibitors. What topics will we choose? We do our best to specify the ones that will be of an interest for our industry colleagues. Of course, we will speak about the industry in general, industry standards, and audits, safety, customs procedures. For each session, we will invite an expert, or several. I hope that for the attendees it will not be just a number of lectures – we expect questions and comments! Special time is provided for companies’ presentations, first of all – RUBAA members. We invite everyone who has new developments, products and services, to share their experience and information. And, of course, some new announcements are to be made!».

Conference program is a solid part of trade exhibitions. Exactly these shows become a point of meeting for all who work in a certain industry, in this case – business aviation. The organizational committee welcomes its collaboration with RUBAA and the fact the Association organizes the events under the show. It is the Association, who has necessary resource and expertise for formation of an interesting program, as well as instruments for industry stakeholders outreach. Parties express hope that this experience will make the show more attractive both for attendees and participants, and RUBAE will indeed receive its development.