See how Private Jet Media Started 2018 !

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Private Jet Media advises global, regional and local brands from Private Banks and B2B to Luxury on how to advertise to and reach the influential Private Jet passenger who is a C-Suite Executive or a High Net Worth individual. Due to the intricacy of communicating brand values to such a distracted and fragmented audience, we consider the Business Aviation media environment to be a most effective addition to the marketing mix.

"We have a global network of 100+ Private Jet Terminals we work alongside to bring the best brands to the eyes of the wealthiest and most influential people from across the world. A good example of this would be the campaign we are running with Accenture in Zurich and St Gallen locations, these sites are a travel hub for the influencers passing through them on their way to WEF Davos 2018" Charlie Rolls, Social Media & Comms Manager at PJM told us today.
For all enquiries please email:  VIP@PrivateJet.Media

The new Bell 505 JetRanger X on display in the VVIP Terminal at Dubai DWC



The Accenture project at St. Gallen 
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Chaumet campaign at Jetex facility in Dubai DWC 2018