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Global FBO Consult
Global FBO Consult
is a consultancy service specializing insupporting 
FBOs, Ground Handling Companies & Business Airports

Staffed by a panel of experienced Business Aviation professionals who work in Business Development, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Ground Operations Training, Trip Support & Aviation Media, we offer a unique one-stop-shop consultancy approach for any start-up or existing FBO, Ground Handler or Airport looking to attract additional BizAv traffic, to join with a strategic partner or identify new network locations.

We have assisted companies study franchise options, strategic partnerships
& investigate mergers & acquisitions.

Global FBO Consult can provide cost effective solutions that will assist your company grow efficiently & deal with the competition head on, allowing you to attract new customers, keep existing customers & generate maximum revenue.

It is not unusual for start-up FBOs to fail in under 3 years or for established FBOs to find themselves next to a well funded start-up that drains their resources by forcing a price race to the bottom.

The Global FBO Consult team have experienced all forms of competition on the ramp & have over the years developed strategies to tackle head on the most aggressive opponents.

We have undertaken or are currently engaged on projects in:
Bahrain, France, India, Ireland, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Tanzania, UAE, UK & USA

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