Atlantic Aviation wins RFP at Aspen-Pitkin County/KASE

Colorado’s Pitkin County has selected Atlantic Aviation as the winner of its RFP to operate the sole FBO at Aspen-Pitkin County. Atlantic, the incumbent service provider, was selected from an initial group of seven respondents, which was further whittled down to three last month. The Texas-based chain will now enter into contract negotiations with the county for a new long-term lease.

According to the county’s procurement office, the selection process was based on several criteria: approach to FBO services at KASE, financial proposal, environmental goals for the airport set by the Board of County Commissioners, ability to finance and build new FBO facilities, development plans for the airfield, and past performance and industry experience.

“After diligent review of each proposal and interviews with the three shortlisted proposers, members of the review committee completed individual scoring based on the evaluation process,” explained Chris Davis, the county’s procurement manager. “The committee members’ scores aggregated to show unanimous agreement that Atlantic’s proposal represents the greatest overall benefit to the airport, Pitkin County, and the community.”

In 2006, Atlantic acquired Aspen Base Operation, which had been awarded a 30 year lease. That agreement expires at the end of September.

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