X-1FBO, the Next Generation FBO Software System, by GMSTEK

“I’ve been in the business for over 30 years, and 

X-1FBO is the best management and payment processing software that I have seen and tested.

I agree with their slogan. It’s truly 

‘The Smarter Way to Run Your FBO.’


X-1FBO is a secure, cloud-based system. It’s built to fit the needs of Customer Service Reps (CSRs), Line Service Technicians (LSTs) and management at every level. The screens are intuitive. CSRs can easily accumulate billing information in real time to assure that nothing is missed and then invoicing is instantaneous. X-1FBO enables CSRs to be more efficient and serve their customers better.   

With X-1FBO’s SinglePoint, illegible, paper fuel tickets become a relic of the past. It’s all electronic. Both LSTs and CSRs will love that.   

X-1FBO’s innovative, new X-1Pay feature makes payment touchless which is great for customers today and enables payment anywhere on the field. That’s a real convenience for pilots. X-1Pay is also much more cost-effective than previous payment methods.   

For management, reports with key analytics are always up to date and available at the touch of a key. Waiting for reports is history. 

Overall, X-1FBO, helps drive higher revenue, higher margins and greater customer satisfaction.   

X-1FBO is scalable, so it works at both individual and chain FBOs.   There’s much more. 

If interested contact me; and I can put you in touch with their implementation team who can show you how the system can be tailored for your company.

Joe McDermott.  E: Joe@GlobalFBOconsult.me

X-1FBO by GMSTEK The X-1SinglePoint Hand Held Device. Mobile Ops Room!

The Instajet FBO Charter App

The Instajet
FBO Charter App,
as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Our constant search for new, innovative ideas that can enable FBOs increase revenue has led us to this new, easy to use Instajet aircraft charter app.

With the Instajet App, available for both iOS & Android, FBO Dispatchers and Client Service Reps can instantly receive prices for private jet flights to and from anywhere in the world. With the touch of a few buttons they can access a shortlist of appropriate aircraft categories for any given route and date, from Very Light Jets through to Large Cabin Aircraft. They can then immediately select the most suitable flight option through the app and a Personal Flight Manager from the Instajet Operations Control Centre will get straight back to the FBO to confirm the details and complete the process if the client wishes to go ahead with the flight.

Picture this: The App is loaded onto the duty mobile, a client calls or is already at the facility. "Can you charter an aircraft for me?". All the CSR has to do is...

Tap open the App

Enter departure, destination, date/time for each leg.

Press "Submit"

The App will come back with maximum prices for several aircraft categories, Very Light Jet, Light Jet, Midsize, Super-Mid Size and Large Cabin Jet.

The FBO selects the most suitable option, pushes the button and the Instajet Personal Flight Manager team takes it from there, liaising with you or your client directly to confirm the final arrangements and payment method.

The App makes the selection and reservation process simple and seamless, but what’s very clever is that it simply reserves the flight at a guaranteed maximum price: the flight is confirmed and fulfilled by a Instajet Personal Flight Manager.

Instajet's UK based Operations Control Centre is staffed by experienced Dispatchers and Flight Support Specialists who talk directly with you and your clients (if you require) and provide the level of quality service your clients will expect from a private jet service.

Instajet fulfills the flight from their community of carefully chosen licensed operators and for every flight taken the FBO receives $1000 commission from Instajet.

As an FBO, you can even have your own branded version of the app.

How to get started:

1. Download the App
2. Register as a Referrer. Your FBO now has its own  account & flights booked for that account will be associated with your FBO!

It really is that simple!


For more information contact: 

E: FBO@Instajet.aero T: +44 1983 242888