The Next Generation FBO Software System

Powerful FBO Software System linking every sector of the FBO


Every FBO Manager, CEO & CFO craves a single, integrated software package linking, in real time their Ops Room, Ramp & Accounts Department. Every Ops Room staffer wants a straightforward, easy to use system that connects them to the customer, be they the flight crew, trips support, aviation department or charter broker. Every rampie & fueler wants to be kept up to date, without receiving confusing or conflicting messages. 

Such a system needs to by intuitive, easy to learn, seamless, quick to implement while at the same time, being cost effective & secure. 

Going paperless, reducing staff costs & enhancing customer service are also, always to the fore of an FBOs management thinking. 

Eliminating fuel ticket mistakes (why do these fuel figures not add up?), avoiding missed billing (why did we not invoice for the GPU?), keep the crew informed (is the catering/chauffeur here yet?) are all part of a smooth functioning FBO.


After more than 30 years in the General Aviation sector, these are my base-line requirements, this is where I start judging any FBO software system.


I have worked with several different systems over the years, including Total FBO & FBO One, even assisted with implementation at several stations & I can tell you that they are not all the same.


I stumbled across X-1FBO at an NBAA event back in 2018, got talking to their co-founder & CEO Jim Wiley. Like myself, he had spent a good few years with Landmark Aviation. We spoke the same language, understood each other, FBO terminology is the same no matter where you are.


What struck me most about the X-1FBO system was that they had a vision to develop a software solutions package that would seamlessly integrate all functions at the FBO.


X-1FBO has everything covered, from the moment the handling request hits the Ops Room right up to wheels-up on departure!


The system has been developed by a team of FBO experienced people to give every size FBO a world-beating operations system!


Here is a brief description of the X-1FBO modules available:



A core operations module that provides Services & Product Point of Sale, Customer Service Management, Rules Based Pricing, Customizable Arrival/Departure Boards, & Sales & Accounting Reporting.


X-1 SinglePoint                

A sim-card powered hand-held device, providing ramp agents with real-time access to all handling requests, fuel inventory, & capability to add last minute requests to their bill.



Payments made easy with a suite of tools & services. FBOs have the option to use a wireless POS device with any processor to connect. (Not currently available in most regions outside of North America)



Flight Tracking tool that fully integrates with X-1FBO core module. Tracks arrivals/departures automatically, reduces the number of blocked tail numbers & see pending requests for each flight. TRX shows if an aircraft has a request for fueling within X-1FBO.



A Pilot Wallet App you can offer your clients for free, that stores all fuel & credit cards & can be used to pay FBO invoices by scanning X-1PAY QR code.



Designed for smaller FBO or airport, a standalone cloud-based point-of-sale system for those looking to modernize their process. The system can connect directly to all major aviation gateways & provide the capability to pull simple reports.


X-1 Café                                

X-1 Café provides flight crew & passengers with the best alternative to the poor choices of the vending machines that are ubiquitous in the General Aviation world. By providing a self-service Café experience in cooperation with one of the FBOs trusted caterers, the FBO can bring more & healthier choices to all the FBOs users.


I have sat in on the online demonstration & have had a chance to “play” with the X-1 SinglePoint device. The system is innovative, scalable & can accommodate integration with Flightbridge & other third-party systems. For management, reports with key analytics are always up to date & available at the touch of a key.

Overall, X-1FBO helps drive efficiency, revenue, higher margins & greater customer satisfaction. FBO people love it!


Apart from my own, in-depth study of X-1FBO & its functionality, I have had feedback from many FBOs & sat in on several of the regular X-1FBO user webinars. At the end of the day I have to agree with their slogan,

            “X-1FBO, The Smarter Way to Run Your FBO” 

If interested in learning more, drop me an email and I will put you in touch with the X-1 implementation team who can show you how the system can be tailored for your requirements.

Joe McDermott
Senior FBO Consultant  
Global FBO Consult

E: Joe@GlobalFBOconsult.me

X-1 SinglePoint The X-1 SinglePoint Hand Held Device. The Mobile Ops Room!
Caroline Corrales, VP of Customer Success You can take an X-1FBO demo at NBAA BACE 2022
X-1 Approach Complimentary Summer Bootcamp webinars with industry leading experts

The Instajet - FBO Charter App, as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Our constant search for new, innovative ideas that can enable FBOs increase revenue has led us to this new, easy to use Instajet aircraft charter app.

With the Instajet App, available for both iOS & Android, FBO Dispatchers and Client Service Reps can instantly receive prices for private jet flights to and from anywhere in the world. With the touch of a few buttons they can access a shortlist of appropriate aircraft categories for any given route and date, from Very Light Jets through to Large Cabin Aircraft. They can then immediately select the most suitable flight option through the app and a Personal Flight Manager from the Instajet Operations Control Centre will get straight back to the FBO to confirm the details and complete the process if the client wishes to go ahead with the flight.

Picture this: The App is loaded onto the duty mobile, a client calls or is already at the facility. "Can you charter an aircraft for me?". All the CSR has to do is...

Tap open the App

Enter departure, destination, date/time for each leg.

Press "Submit"

The App will come back with maximum prices for several aircraft categories, Very Light Jet, Light Jet, Midsize, Super-Mid Size and Large Cabin Jet.

The FBO selects the most suitable option, pushes the button and the Instajet Personal Flight Manager team takes it from there, liaising with you or your client directly to confirm the final arrangements and payment method.

The App makes the selection and reservation process simple and seamless, but what’s very clever is that it simply reserves the flight at a guaranteed maximum price: the flight is confirmed and fulfilled by a Instajet Personal Flight Manager.

Instajet's UK based Operations Control Centre is staffed by experienced Dispatchers and Flight Support Specialists who talk directly with you and your clients (if you require) and provide the level of quality service your clients will expect from a private jet service.

Instajet fulfills the flight from their community of carefully chosen licensed operators and for every flight taken the FBO receives $1000 commission from Instajet.

As an FBO, you can even have your own branded version of the app.

How to get started:

1. Download the App
2. Register as a Referrer. Your FBO now has its own  account & flights booked for that account will be associated with your FBO!

It really is that simple! 

For more information contact: 

E: FBO@Instajet.aero T: +44 1983 242888