Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 Announced

Winners of the

Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024

have been announced by

The Business Concept 

Best Business Aviation Consultants - 2024
Global FBO Consult

March 7th, 2024: 

The Business Concept is proud to highlight the winners of this year’s Aviation & Aerospace Awards.

This year we’re celebrating further excellence in the aviation and aerospace industry. We’re here to remind you of the great minds behind the advancements we’re seeing. The teams behind the technological developments, the leaders who are at the heart of each operation, and the elevation of standards within the sectors associated with aviation and aerospace as a whole.

From expert electronics and IT support to a luxury aircraft charter and the best airport hotel, brilliant aerospace development to incredible aircraft transition management, and so much more, this year’s instalment is full to the brim with businesses exceeding all expectations in the realm.

Our Awards Coordinator Melissa Bramall commented on the success of this year’s awardees: “This awards programme has been a pleasure to host, and I want to wish our winners another sincere congratulations as they continue to adapt to the needs of many. Best of luck for all of your future endeavours, it has been great to connect with you as we recognise and award your contributions to your industry.”

Founder & Senior Consultant at Global FBO Consult - Joe McDermott

Joe McDermott said "We established Global FBO Consult back in 2011 as an experienced led support to the Fixed Based Operator sector & have since worked with FBOs in close to 20 countries. It's been an interesting journey from start-up to being nominated & awarded this very welcome recognition."

The Awards Process:
"To determine the results, our team consider the commitment, expertise and innovation shown by nominees through nomination information, votes, any supporting evidence, along with the results from their own comprehensive fact-checking and research process.

Our merit-driven approach has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use and enforces our stance that victors are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions."