Banyan FBO at Fort Lauderdale Exec gains IS-BAH Stage 1 Accreditation

Banyan Air Service based at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Florida has earned IS-BAH Stage 1 accreditation.

 “We are proud to be the first FBO at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to earn this accreditation,” says Kenny Gibson, Banyan’s training manager. “Safety is very important to us at Banyan and the IS-BAH accreditation demonstrates our commitment to providing industry best practices to our customers. We are very proud to have earned this accreditation.”

IS-BAH accreditation involved a complete audit of Banyan’s FBO processes and procedures for safety.

Gibson led the effort in this process with the help of seven other teammates;   Ryan Bartman, Alex Casanova, Dennis Porebski, Eddie Osborne, Carlos Robins, Eric Vealand Louis Homsher. 

Banyan previously had a safety committee and documented procedures but needed to add more detail to meet the IS-BAH requirements. Gibson wrote a new line service manual and delegated each of the team members a section of the process to cross reference the audit findings with the manual to ensure accuracy.