Big Island Jet Center, Hawaii at PHKO

Big Island Jet Center, a premier FBO under construction at Ellison Onizuka International Airport  in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, is set to open in December. It will be the airport's only independent FBO.

The modern FBO’s large, open-concept executive terminal will have a distinctly Hawaiian feel, showcasing a true “aloha spirit” while providing cutting-edge amenities and services. Designed to support private aviation passengers and flight crews, Big Island Jet Center’s Pacific oasis will have all the amenities expected of today’s FBOs and more: luxurious waiting areas, well-appointed restrooms, high-tech conference areas, and wireless connectivity throughout the facility and ramp.

Tom Owen, previously with Sonoma Jet Center & Carlsbad Jet Center will be the General Manager of the FBO.