Centennial Airport FBO First to Offer Unleaded Avgas in Colorado

Centennial Airport is Getting the Lead Out

Centennial Airport/KAPA
 announced its status as the first public-use airport in Colorado to offer UL94 unleaded aviation fuel to its piston-powered aircraft users. Last week, jetCenter of Colorado, one of four aviation fuel providers located at the airport, took on a load of the unleaded avgas produced by Swift Fuels. Centennial’s move to unleaded avgas comes in response to the local community's voice and the Eliminate Aviation Gas Lead Emissions (EAGLE) Initiative led by industry, including NATA and the FAA. EAGLE’s mission is a full, nationwide transition from 100LL to unleaded avgas by 2030. With much of Centennial Airport’s traffic consisting of training flights, flight schools based at the airport have shown their support for the transition. To date, 80 percent of the aircraft operated by flight schools at Centennial Airport are now certified to safely use UL94. “Each transition to unleaded avgas is a milestone in eliminating lead in local communities. We applaud Centennial Airport’s community stewardship and contribution in supporting EAGLE’s mission,” stated NATA President and CEO Curt Castagna.

Source: NATA News

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