Daher Kodiak enlisted in Coronavirus fight

Kodiak Enlisted To Fight Coronavirus Epidemic In China

As the virus continues to spread, Chinese hospitals have been running desperately short of supplies, especially protective gear meant for medical workers.

Fourteen Hubei general aviation companies have stepped in to help, including Hubei Chutian GA that operates a Kodiak STOL aircraft in China. On February 3, 2020, a Kodiak loaded with medical respirators left Lukou Airport in Nanjing for Wuhan Airport, where the much needed equipment was delivered to local hospitals.

With citywide quarantines in effect and road travel limited, planes like the Kodiak have been pressed into service to deliver all types of supplies to stranded populations.

Humanitarian relief is nothing new to the Kodiak. This aircraft was originally built for tough, backcountry missions to help isolated people around the world. It is ideally suited to help in emergency interurban missions, like that confronting China.