Doncaster-Sheffield Robinhood DSA/EGCN Closure Update #4


Local Authorities bid to buy the airport site in Doncaster has been rejected by the airport Peel Holdings: they have come back with a possible Leasehold offer, which Doncaster Council is considering, the council are also still preparing a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), to purchase the site from Peel Using this legal process could take some time circa 2 years plus and can be quite costly to carry out . There is still an interest in the site commercially and a consortium from the UAE is also in talks with Peel. The authorities have voted unanimously to get the airport reopened using whatever means possible, The local community Facebook group now has over 21,000 members and contributors who are campaigning to get the airport reopened.

Watch this space it’s not over yet

BLOG #3: 27 NOV 2022

Peel Group
have reportebly given DSA ATC notice of forced redundancy effective as of 2nd December 2022. Airport Crash & Rescue Service expecting to receive same in due course. Once these services have been withdrawn the airport will effectively be closed.

Local authorities have taken the owners to court for a judicial review on the procedures and decision to close the airport and also to seek an injunction to stop further closure work. A high court judge is deliberating. There are aviation parties reportebly expressing interest in the airport for continued use as an airport, however Peel Group are reluctant to take that route & instead seem interested in redevelopment outside the aviation industry.

"The Yorkshire, North Lincs and Humberside areas need this airport. Losing it will set the local economy back by decades and cost several thousand jobs that the area can ill afford. Our country deserves more diversity from London and Manchester." said Stephen Hardacre

A Save Doncaster Sheffield Airport campaign has been running for some time & can be reached on Facebook where they have close to 18K followers, or via email at

BLOG #2: 26 SEP 2022

Britain’s Doncaster Sheffield Airport DSA/EGCN
will close due to a lack of “tangible proposals” for its future ownership and financial viability. Owner Peel Group Ltd. conducted a strategic review of the airport and will wind down services from Oct. 31.

BLOG #1: 14 July 2022
Board of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) has begun a review of strategic options for the Airport. The review follows lengthy deliberations by the Board of DSA which has reluctantly concluded that "aviation activity on the site may no longer be commercially viable".

The airport was formerly Royal Air Force Finningley, later named and commonly referred to as Robin Hood Airport. The airport opened to passengers in 2005. It was initially operated by Peel Airports/The Peel Group.

The current FBO there is Consort Aviation.

The airport is home to a number of HM Coastguard King Air 200s & Piper Navajos, National Police Air Service P.68R Victors, two Boeing 727-200 Oil Spray Response aircraft operated by 2 Excel Aviation. It is also where what was the last airworthy V-Bomber, Avro Vulcan XH558, is kept (that's why it's our headline photo, much nicer than a terminal building!).