Doncaster Sheffield/EGCN, UK, to close?

Board of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) has begun a review of strategic options for the Airport. The review follows lengthy deliberations by the Board of DSA which has reluctantly concluded that "aviation activity on the site may no longer be commercially viable".

The airport was formerly Royal Air Force Finningley, later named and commonly referred to as Robin Hood Airport.  The airport opened to passengers in 2005. It was initially operated by Peel Airports/The Peel Group.

The current FBO there is Consort Aviation.

The airport is home to a number of HM Coastguard King Air 200s & Piper Navajos, National Police Air Service P.68R Victors, two Boeing 727-200 Oil Spray Response aircraft operated by 2 Excel Aviation. It is also where what was the last airworthy V-Bomber, Avro Vulcan XH558,  is kept (that's why it's our headline photo, much nicer than a terminal building!).