Envirotech Vehicles show off their all-electric-refueler at SDC2023

Envirotech Vehicles has chosen SDC2023 this week in Nashville, Tennessee, as the venue for the public debut of its all-electric refueler. The just-completed first production model of the 900-gallon capacity avgas truck is being displayed this week at SDC, marking not only the first time an all-electric refueler is being displayed on the SDC show floor but also for any first-production model to be on display there.

Arkansas-based Envirotech, which manufactures a range of electric commercial vehicle chassis, partnered with aviation equipment manufacturer Garsite, which outfits the refuelers. The first of which is slated for delivery to Atlantic Aviation.

The vehicle requires no special infrastructure for charging, and according to Mike McCarthy, Garsite’s director of customer technical support, the vehicle’s no-maintenance lithium iron phosphate batteries will provide endurance for a full day’s fueling and then still drive 50 miles before recharging.

The refueler’s pump is rated for a 20-gallon-per-minute flow capacity, and while that is satisfactory for the smaller volumes typical in Avgas fuelings, Garsite is currently working on integrating the higher capacity battery and pump that would be needed for Jet-A fueling use.