Essential Crew Service by Azul Agency at Tenerife/TFS

AzulpngAZUL Agency Re-established to Help Aircrew in Tenerife

Azul Agency TFS is an “Essential Crew Service” agency that was originally established in 2012. The agency was set up by ex-aviation professional MarieAnn O’Dwyer, who specialises in assisting both cabin and flight crew “find their feet” when they land at TFS!

MarieAnn refers and matches crew clients to best-priced long and short-term apartment & room rentals, B&B, car & scooter hire, short-stay hotels, NIE number administration, airport collection, translator hire and medical appointment assistance if requested. 

You can find out more about AzulAgencyTFS, and any of the above mentioned services by emailing or direct message azulagencytfsgmail.com7 on their Instagram account.