FBO RIGA celebrates five years of success

RIGA, Latvia – September 16, 2020 – FBO RIGA, a part of Flight Consulting Group, opened its doors at Riga International Airport in September 2015. Over the five years of operation, it has become the main gateway for business aviation flights in the Baltic States. Today, the company sets new goals to strengthen its leadership positions and expand benefits for its customers.

FBO RIGA is the first FBO in the Baltic States to receive the IS-BAH Stage II certificate which confirms the highest level of safety for ground handling operations. Less than 20 European FBOs have earned this accreditation. FBO RIGA is also recognized as the Best FBO in Europe by the prestigious Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Awards.

FBO RIGA keeps a close eye on the needs and aspirations of its customers and is constantly improving its services. In 2018, the company launched helicopter charters in partnership with GM Helicopters and finest catering service in cooperation with Resto-Rātors holding. In 2019, an international MRO provider JF Service launched its facility for line and base maintenance of Gulfstream G450, G550, G650 and Bombardier CL-300/350/850 aircraft types at FBO RIGA. Thus, FBO RIGA offers the most complete portfolio of services for business aviation operators, private jet owners and passengers.

In 2019, following the new EU aviation security regulations, FBO RIGA invested in the installation of the most modern Explosive Detection security equipment. Therefore, a fast baggage and hand luggage preflight inspection at FBO RIGA has become one of its competitive advantages.

Taking care of the crews, FBO RIGA has thoroughly planned a comfortable crew briefing facility with a lounge area, a workplace, free Wi-Fi and hot drinks. It is located in the sterile area helping to save time of the crews and money of the airplane operator on the “short turn” flights. The FBO RIGA’s concept of crew briefings has underpinned the launch of Flight Consulting Group’s ground handling facilities across the Baltic States airports, including Tallinn, Tartu and Kaunas.

In 2020, a new passenger lounge was opened in the transit area of the FBO RIGA terminal given the increased transit traffic. The preflight formalities and waiting for the departure have become even more comfortable for passengers. This again reflects FBO RIGA’s careful attention to every client.

The current reconstruction of the apron performed by the Riga Airport will create new aircraft parking places near the FBO RIGA terminal as well as a new helipad which will allow take-off and landing operations regardless of the airport’s runway schedule. The reconstruction works are expected to finish by the end of 2020.

“At the early design stage of the FBO RIGA complex, we anticipated all the nuances and laid a solid foundation for further development. This allows us to easily upgrade our infrastructure, install advanced equipment and launch new services. This helps FBO RIGA to evolve and meet the new industry trends and needs of our customers”, said Leonid Gorodnitski, co-owner of FBO RIGA.

“FBO RIGA is a unique project. We didn’t want to mirror others, so we chose a concept of a boutique terminal in our FBO. Similarly to boutique hotels, this concept means the exclusivity of services, personalized approach, unique interior design and exceptional functionality. Today, we can confidently say that it was a right decision! Every day we receive the highest marks of our services from customers and partners”, said Roman Starkov, co-owner of FBO RIGA. 

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