Flight Consulting Group launches online-system clients

Flight Consulting Group launches online-system for clients


Online orders, flights preparation and execution status are now available on a single platform for absolutely all orders and customers.


Flight Consulting Group have launched an updated version of ATOM’s customer portal that provides instant and easy access to all necessary information in a real time.

The customer receives a link for each flight that allows to follow the status of flight’s preparation, including obtaining of permits and ground handling confirmation in all airports of the route, as well as detailed information about upcoming flight (names of airports’ terminals, contacts of supervisors, hotels, transfer drivers and other contractors). For permanent customers this function is available in their own online account.

Every day, companies spend a lot of time on phone calls, clarifying and searching for information, and making changes. That is why customers highly appreciate this innovation - all data is right at your fingertips - anywhere and from any device, in just a few clicks. This is designed to speed up communication, as well as increase the efficiency and quality of work of all parties involved in the process.