FlightAware tracking toolbox

FA_Logo_RGB-HexpngNow more than ever, FBOs are looking for ways to enhance operational performance, improve customer service, and get the most from their sales and marketing efforts. FBO Toolbox by FlightAware provides operators with an easy to use, affordable web-based solution for all of your current and future FBO needs.  

FBO Toolbox is equipped with ANSP data from over 45 countries including integration of Eurocontrol CFMU and FAA data, as well as ADS-B position data from FlightAware's network of 28,000+ sites worldwide.

Other benefits include:

  • Unlimited users for each airport with new features included in the FlightAware App
  • FlightAware TV Airport Map
  • Eurocontrol feed available for qualifying FBOs, allowing visibility of all flights and access to fully unblocked data.
  • Instantly download an Excel FBO report of all arrivals/departures for your airport for a given time period. Create mailing lists, analyze trends.
  • Unlimited reports are included in your FBO subscription. Instantly download a history of arrivals and departures for your airport. Easily create mailing lists and analyze trends.
  • Maintain a list of frequent or base clients to easily track them.

Interested in learning more about FBO Toolbox, click here to contact FlightAware.