Flying Group OPS is ready for a chilly winter season in Scandinavia

RIGA, Latvia 

Winter season is just around the corner, and it's time to start planning your flights to the best ski resorts of Scandinavia or even visit to Santa Clause.


Scandinavia is a specific region and, in many aspects, differs from the rest part of Europe, and it’s necessary to know its specific. The basic region of FCG OPS is the Baltics and Northern Europe, due to its head office geographic location. Seasonal traffic predominates in Scandinavia, that requires annual preparation.


FCG OPS has 8 stations in Scandinavia - Pori (EFPO), Rovaniemi (EFRO), Turku (EFTU), Tampere (EFTP), Odense (Hans Christian Andersen Airport, EKOD), Billund (EKBI), Sandefjord (ENTO), and Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM), as well as extensive experience in other regional airports.


Starting with winter season 2020/2021 our regional manager Hasan Steinberg will take care of all the flights and clients in Scandinavia, who can be contacted for any organizational issues. In addition, there is an agent on each flight on the apron who decides on all operational issues.


Despite the current limitation, FCG OPS has all the suppliers to provide all the necessary services - catering, transfers, or hotels. And its own dispatch center, which coordinates flights, and travel department, allow providing these services 24/7.