GateOne FBO adds Chandler Municipal, Arizona

GateOne has increased its FBO coverage to three with the addition of Chandler Air Service, the sole service provider at Arizona’s Chandler Municipal Airport/KCHD.

The facility, which will be renamed GateOne Chandler, includes an 8,000-sq-ft terminal with passenger and pilot lounges, showers, pilot shop, 12-seat A/V-equipped conference room, break room, crew car, flight instructor offices, flight training classroom, and study areas.

It has two hangars, one at 14,000 sq ft to shelter aircraft up to midsize business jets and an 8,000-sq-ft hangar housing the company’s aircraft maintenance operation that was included in the deal along with the Part 141 flight school and 21 rental aircraft.

GateOne plans to update the interior of the terminal to the level of its other FBOs at Stinson Municipal Airport in San Antonio, Texas, and at Utah’s Cedar City Regional Airport, and will retain the existing staff of the Avfuel-branded facility. It has also entered discussions with the airport authority to construct larger hangars capable of handling the latest ultra-long-range business jets.

“GateOne looks forward to helping support the airport’s growth as business and leisure travel in southern Phoenix booms,” said company president and CEO Thomas Mathew. “Our goal is to build upon the FBO’s solid foundation to enhance the local aviation community’s experience with GateOne Chandler as a premium gateway to metro Phoenix.”