IBAC Update:

Source: IBAC

"We all missed EBACE in May, in particular the opportunity to gather the business aviation community from around the world.  We may be seeing each other via video meetings, but we are all finding out that they are no substitute for in-person meetings.  Once the world is on a path to moving beyond the corona virus public health crisis, there is no doubt business aviation will resurge and bring us, our clients, our colleagues, and our families together again.

In the meantime, IBAC continues to support the industry in a number of ways.  In our IS-BAO and IS-BAH programmes, we have introduced remote auditing options to help operators and handlers renew their registrations in a safe manner.   At ICAO, we have contributed to the work of the Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) and the Collective Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA), and we have been able to share with the member associations expert guidance from the worlds of public health and air transport.  You’ll learn more about these initiatives below.

Last week, I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in an AsBAA webinar and share with our colleagues in the Mainland China Chapter the state of play at ICAO in Montreal.  Now I’m looking forward to the meeting of the IBAC Governing Board in early June, catching up with all the member associations, and charting our course through the next six to 18 months.

Please stay safe and healthy."  


ICAO Update
Andreas Meyer – Director, ICAO Liaison

  • IBAC remained engaged in the discussion of CAPSCA and collaboratively worked with ICCAIA and GAMA to include maintenance, ferry and delivery flights in the applicability of the Public Health Corridor concept for cargo operations.

  • Work and involvement with the Safety Management Panel is ongoing, and IBAC is part of a group that validates submissions of examples to the Safety Management Information Website relating to COVID19 management.

  • IBAC attended various Council and Committee meetings and continues to closely follow the developments of the Council Aviation Recovery Taskforce, which released their initial COVID19 related draft document to Council on 1 June 2020 and the report can be found HERE.
Bennet Walsh, IS-BAO Programme Director
  • IS-BAO Policy 2020-01 revision extends remote auditing option through December 2020. See full policy details HERE.

  • Five Progressive Stage 3 beta operators have completed virtual audits successfully as new programme option moves forward.

  • Online workshops continue to be a success with plans to continue through the end of the year. Planning has begun for new IS- BAO initial and recurrent workshops that will include safety officer/ auditor training, use an improved interval for recurrent, and incorporate online learning components for long term. More details coming soon.
Terry Yeomans – IS-BAH Programme Director
  • IS-BAH Standards Board #6 meets virtually for the first time, a well-attended and very productive meeting.

  • Allison Markey (Wyvern) steps up to Chairperson of the IS-BAH Standards Board for 2020-2022, Marc Pieters (Jet Aviation) voted as Vice Chair

  • IS-BAH COVID Policy 2020-01 revised through December 2020, extending virtual audit option to those wishing to step up to Stage 3. See full policy details HERE.


Bruce Parry - IBAC Environment Director
  • CORSIA Baseline - Following the IBAC press release and letter to the ICAO Council last month calling for the CORSIA baseline years to be reviewed, there is no news yet on any specific change, but we do understand that ICAO is considering the options and will make a decision on this important issue at the end of June. We will continue to keep you updated on this matter.

  • ICAO Stocktaking Seminar - ICAO's Stocktaking Seminar, due to be held this April has been postponed until September. However, the Environment Branch recently held a "Stocktaking Preview: Reducing aviation in-sector CO2 emissions" virtual meeting, which IBAC participated in, to set the scene for the rescheduled meeting in September. More details on this preview and the presentations made by a variety of stakeholders can be found HERE.

    As part of this overall stocktaking process, IBAC submitted a questionnaire to ensure that business aviation would gain recognition within this process, which detailed business aviation efforts to reduce its overall environmental impact, including details on the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change (BACCC) and the work of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Coalition, of which IBAC is an integral partner.

  • SAF Coalition Summit - IBAC, as part of the SAF Coalition were scheduled to participate in a SAF Summit in March in Washington, DC, which also had to be postponed. The purpose of the summit was to gather together key policy makers and stakeholders in an effort to highlight how policy decisions that could help increase the use and improve the infrastructure needed to increase the supply of sustainable aviation fuel to operators. The SAF Coalition is now planning to reschedule this meeting as a virtual event in the coming months. We will make further updates once a date for the summit has been decided.