Inflight Chef Delight protects clients from COVID-19

CEO & Founder, Arthur Sevenet told Global FBO News Feed "Inflight Chef Delight is committed to the health & safety of our customers & employees; protocols within our kitchens have been increased in light of this & all staff have been allocated additional PPE kits & received enhanced training to fully ensure the safety & welfare of all processes up to & including the point of delivery."

Mr. Sevenet went on to give an insight into the Inflight Chef Delight global operation:

"Inflight Chef Delight a single, convenient App system where our clients instructions receive attention from a single, dedicated staff member, who will supervise every facet of the order. Our global network covers 1,600+ airports across 174 countries. We have partnered with 1,900+ of the most renowned restaurants, VIP caters & 5 Star hotels, with over 250 of these being certified by the ICD quality control team. We are providing catering solutions in some of the most difficult airport stop overs (including Marrakech, Male, Nassau).

Our biggest strength is our exclusive partnerships with world-famous & luxurious hotels. That allows us to introduce some new mouth-watering dishes to our VIP clients where they were tired of poor quality, local catering companies.

Our goal is to bring our clients the very best inflight catering solutions, anywhere in the world. Quality is our top priority.

It is by working hand in hand with the executive chefs that we have been able to develop menus specifically dedicated to business aviation. We accompany & train them to the VIP catering standards of executive aviation. Our partners are scrupulously selected & meet our precise specifications, on which they are regularly audited.

Currently we process approx. 1500 orders per day via our App platform & have 50+ aircraft fleet catering management agreements worldwide. The App gives the client free access to all our locations & is a simple & fun ordering system, allowing the client to specify & customise their orders. There are more than 300 items to customise each new menu with a wide range of aviation grade packaging available. Clients can confirm order without payment (On Account companies/ Trusted companies). Clients can simplify billing by choosing a method that suits their operation, by aircraft, by order, by location or by period. "


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