London - Biggin Hill/EGKB stocks SAF

London - Biggin Hill is the latest to offer continuous supplies of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The dedicated GA airport became the first in the London area to receive the renewable Air BP fuel,  produced from waste and residue products. It is blended with conventional Jet-A in a 33/66 ratio, with the SAF component providing an 80% lifecycle carbon reduction compared with the traditional jet fuel it replaces.

The first blended SAF delivery consisted of 6,075 gallons/23,000 liters, which will be kept separate from the airport’s regular fuel supply and made available to customers upon request.

“At London Biggin Hill, we are fully committed to providing tangible, immediately available solutions to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our operations and protect the environment,” said Stephen Elsworthy, the airport’s Manager of Fuel Services. “The introduction of SAF as an expansion of our fuel offering is a major step towards becoming a carbon-neutral airport by 2029 and enables our customers and resident businesses to also meet their own sustainability goals.”