> Luxivair SBD, San Bernardino - Self Serve Fuel Upgrade

Luxivair SBD, at San Bernardino International Airport, is the first FBO in California to offer pilots a major upgrade in self-serve fueling technology with the installation of a new M4000 self-serve terminal from QTpod. The M4000 offers many convenient and time-saving features for pilots including faster transaction approvals. Backlit capacitive touch keypads help pilots see the keypad while entering information at night, and a large color display with auto-dimming enables easy viewing in any light conditions. The M4000 accepts the EPIC Card and most other credit cards and fuel cards.

“Luxivair SBD is committed to providing a first-class experience and the latest technologies to our customers,” notes Mark Gibbs, Director of Aviation. “The new fueling terminal will dispense high-quality aviation fuel from EPIC Fuels and supports our policy of continually offering competitive fuel prices in the Southern California region.”

The new system is a cost-saving convenience located on the general aviation side of the Airport (north-east side). It is operated by Luxivair SBD, a full-service FBO business complex which provides full-service fueling (Jet A and Avgas), total ground support, concierge professionals, a range of lounges, an advanced conference room, flight planning room, courtesy vehicle, car rentals, and more.

“For pilots who are comfortable fueling their own aircraft, self-serve fueling typically offers savings in the form of a lower cost per gallon, and can help save time and get underway faster rather than waiting for a fueling truck to fill up ten or twelve gallons,” said Ryan Mikolasik, Chief Marketing Officer, EPIC Fuels. “The M4000 from QTpod, EPIC’s sister company, enables Luxivair SBD to offer a great experience day or night for their self-serve customers, just as they do for their full-service customers.”

The M4000 is a perfect complement to the quickly growing general aviation presence at SBD. In July, 2017, the Airport opened 30 new hangars (now with a small waiting list) and World Wide Wings, a state-of-the-art flight school. “Luxivair SBD proudly supports a wide range of aviation activity, and this cutting-edge, self-serve terminal—like so many other services offered at Luxivair SBD—continues to set the FBO apart,” adds Mr. Gibbs.

In addition to the wide choice of concierge services and always competitive fuel prices, Luxivair SBD is the desired alternative to other more congested and costly Southern California FBOs. Pilots and passengers will be impressed by the wide range of high-end amenities at Luxivair SBD including an airy two-story atrium lobby, travertine floors, floor-to-ceiling glass, compelling views of the San Bernardino Mountains, a crew lounge, and a theater with stadium seating.