Million Air open for business at Jacksonville/KVQQ

Million Air have announced it is now operating at Jacksonville Cecil Spaceport, Jacksonville’s largest airport. Million Air has acquired the Jacksonville Jetport FBO, a 28.75-acre footprint on the field. Million Air has rebranded the current facility and is already drafting blueprints for a new FBO facility with renovations happening in two phases.

Phase one of the facelift is reconditioning the existing facility. Amenities in the existing facility will be upgraded to include elegantly appointed, high-end finishes throughout, including a revamp of the hospitality concierge desk, soda and coffee bar, pilot sleep rooms, dedicated flight planning area, and upgrading the crew cars to Mercedes E class. Phase two of the new development project will add major square footage onto the FBO.

Cecil Field has one of the longest runways in the Southeast United States (12,500') & two more 8,000-foot runways. Taxi times are short since the FBO is located right in the middle of the airport. Million Air Jacksonville-Cecil is equidistant to downtown as Jacksonville International Airport, and closer to Orange Park and the south side of Jacksonville.