More confusion for UK air travel as new restrictions announced

England (not UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales have different regulations) is rolling out new COVID-19 regulations, kicking in THU05NOV20 0001Z.

They include a ban on all non-essential (leisure) travel with an outright ban on commercial airline departures. It is far from clear whether this covers private/business flights.

People currently away can return to England after the start of this new "full fat" lockdown, if they can find an operating flight, many, if not all airlines serving England's airports expected to further cut operations as already very low load factors will drop further.

One big question is "Can I fly from Scotland or Wales by crossing the border from England"

This lockdown is expected to last until 02DEC20 but already there are strong hints that it could be extended.

The details were revealed yesterday by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Parliament still has to approve the measures in the coming days, though it’s expected that they will.

This comes as the UK is seeing a serious increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases. On some days case numbers have been four times higher than during the peak of the pandemic, back in the spring.