NATA - Air Transport Safety Manager Course

NATA, in conjunction with the US Department of Transportation’s Safety Institute (TSI), created the Air Transport Safety Manager Course. The 5-day course takes place in Harrisburg, PA on February 7-11, 2022.

About the Course:

Safety Program Management is a science and like other fields of science it has advanced. SMS has become an international aviation safety standard. Without a verifiable, functioning SMS your organization stands to lose customers, insurance coverage, potential litigation events, and sustained profitability.

This course is a “How To” design, develop, implement and sustain an effective and verifiable aviation safety management system (SMS). Designed to meet you’re immediate and future aviation safety needs, course topics include: Fundamentals of Safety Program Management, State of the Art Safety Risk Management for flight and ground operations - using the BowTie model, understanding and conducting Internal and external evaluations and audits for Safety Assurance, communicating and Promoting Safety throughout the organization, fostering and measuring a positive Safety Culture, Safety Policy requirements, understanding and controlling human error – using the HFACS model, measuring safety using Quantum Safety Metrics, and use of current Federal Aviation Administration System Tools.

Graduates receive the following US Federal DOT certificates:

  1. SMS and Aviation Safety Program Manager Certificate

  2. NATA Members will earn their NATA Air Transport Safety Manager Certification

SMS Model:

Instruction is based on 14 CFR Part 5, US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 19, SMS model.

Additional course dates include:

  • May 23-27, 2022
    Destin Beach, FL
  • July 11-15, 2022
    Orlando, FL
  • August 8-12, 2022
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • September 19-23, 2022
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • December 5-9, 2022
    Dallas, TX