NATA’s Free Safety 1st Clean Standard Gaining Ground

Source: NATA 22 June 2020

"In the past week, we have been pleased to see the energy surrounding the quick, industry-wide adoption of the Safety 1st Clean standard. Safety 1st Clean is a way for aviation businesses to coalesce around a single, comprehensive standard much like the industry-leading Safety 1st training. Moreover, Safety 1st Clean can be achieved through the increased safety protocols and programs businesses have already put in place – further emphasizing their commitment to their employees and customers.


Safety 1st Clean is an infectious disease response cleaning standard for Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) that is free to the public and produced by the NATA Safety Committee and COVID Task Force. The standard provides general guidance on facility cleaning, disinfecting, and operations in response to a pandemic. The goal of this standard is to safeguard FBO team members, corporate assets, and the general flying public.


The Safety 1st Clean self-certification process allows FBOs to highlight their conformance by displaying the Safety 1st Clean logo at their facilities and in digital marketing. Upon completing the self-certification checklist (found in Appendix A), an FBO can send it and other required documentation outlined in the document to to receive the Safety 1st Clean logo