North Sea Aviation Center Charter Department Takes Off

Source: North Sea Aviation Center

North Sea Aviation Center (NSAC), a renowned FBO name in business aviation for the past five years, located at Ostend-Bruges International airport, has established a strong DNA in customer service, fostering a corporate culture centered around personalized service and trust-based relationships with clients. 

NSAC has always pursued a long-term diversification strategy. This approach includes offering a business center within their terminal for aviation-related enterprises. They provide hangar space for private jets, general aviation aircraft, and helicopters, covering an impressive 10,000m2 area, positioning themselves as a home base for all types of aircraft. "Our aim is to create a robust value chain with our clients and other aviation companies," says Erik Vermeersch, Managing Director. 

This year, NSAC embarks on a new venture into private jet charters, assuming an advisory role to source the best aircraft or helicopter at the most competitive prices, tailored to client's budget and flight type needs. "We aim to leverage our existing network and relationships to offer business aviation users an experience of 'sky high excellence'," shares Abbas Miri, Aviation Advisor. 

Aviation Advisor Abbas Miri with Managing Director Erik Vermeersch.

NSAC is also committed to raising awareness about business jet chartering among entrepreneurs less familiar with this option. This market development benefits users and supports the existing Belgian players in the sector. 

“We would love to discuss any partnership for our charter department, where we are looking forward to build strong long term relations. We made a very good start above our targets in just 4 months, where we hope to extend this globally” says Abbas.  

Abbas Miri, with a background as an aircraft engineer and a passion for aviation, serves as the "Aviation Advisor". His enthusiasm extends to advising clients on optimal solutions. "I believe there are many successful entrepreneurs yet to discover the convenience of business aviation," says Abbas. 

Charters are a natural extension of NSAC's services, maintaining their commitment to high-quality solutions. NSAC plans to collaborate with existing Belgian and European partners, respecting current market relationships.

NSAC is set to expand its regional expertise to an international level. Unbound by location, NSAC offers flights from anywhere in the world to any desired destination. Abbas is available 24/7 to assist clients, ensuring prompt responses to flight requests and presenting the best deals. 

"At NSAC, we have a strong relationship with our market partners. We will leverage these relationships to ensure the best flights at the best prices for our clients," concludes Erik Vermeersch, Managing Director. 

  *Celebrating Five Years of Sky High Excellence in Business Aviation in Belgium*

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