Polaris Aero Joins Paragon Aviation Group’s Vendor Program

Cypress, Texas – April 15th, 2021

Polaris Aero joins Strategic Partners, Paragon Aviation Group’s first-rate vendor program that offers exclusive pricing to their Paragon Preferred customers in a variety of aviation-related services and products. “Polaris Aero is excited to become a strategic partner with Paragon to leverage the vast network of quality organizations mobilizing toward more effective flight operations,” said Steve Bruneau, VP of Aviation Services at Polaris Aero. “Safety is vital to the flourishing nature of our industry and by being a part of the Paragon program, we feel that we can tell our safety story and make our software tools a valuable asset to flight departments, FBOs, and any operation trying to improve their safety program.”

Founded in 2007, Polaris Aero provides intelligence software to simplify and streamline safety for line personnel, safety managers and operation management. Their VOCUS cloud-based platform apps offer comprehensive SMS elearning, advanced risk assessment, and next-generation safety management systems. “Polaris Aero provides users centralized and reliable safety information using the latest technologies. We are proud to add another solid vendor that customers can trust,” said Megan Barnes, President of Paragon Aviation Group. “The Strategic Partners program takes the hassle out of spending countless hours researching companies since they are carefully vetted by our advisory board of industry experts.”