Seven Paragon Network FBOs complete Gulfstream handling program

The Paragon Network has announced that seven FBOs have successfully completed the comprehensive ground handling and servicing training for Gulfstream aircraft. ProJet Aviation (KJYO), MAGNUM FBOs in Bratislava (LZIB) and Vienna (LOWW), and all the ExecuJet Spain locations – Barcelona (LEBL), Girona (LEGE), Ibiza (LEIB), and Valencia (LEVC) demonstrated exceptional dedication by completing both mid-cabin and large-cabin training modules.


Gulfstream, in association with FlightSafety International, has meticulously developed these online courses tailored for line service technicians, covering all models of large-cabin Gulfstream and mid-cabin Gulfstream aircraft. The training focuses on enhancing awareness of aircraft safety protocols during servicing, thereby ensuring improved dispatch reliability and operational efficiency. Over the past decade, the program has evolved and expanded to support Gulfstream's growing fleet. Today, it includes training customized for technicians handling Gulfstream G150, G200, G280, G450, G550, G650, G500, G600, G700 and G800 aircraft.


The training encompassed a comprehensive range of handling and servicing procedures, including aircraft parking, safety walkarounds, fueling, towing, mooring, water servicing, lavatory maintenance, window cleaning, and snow and ice removal. Throughout the program, industry best practices were explained and demonstrated meticulously, emphasizing the paramount importance of safety in all operations.


The successful completion of this training reaffirms Paragon’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of aircraft safety and service quality. By adhering to these rigorous protocols, the FBOs aim to minimize aircraft damage, prevent schedule delays, and enhance the overall dispatch availability for the Gulfstream fleet.


"We are thrilled to have our FBO network continue to achieve this significant milestone in partnership with Gulfstream and FlightSafety International," said Megan Barnes, President of Paragon Aviation Group. "This training not only highlights our dedication to safety, but also underscores our relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our operations. We are confident that these enhanced skills and knowledge will greatly benefit our clients and contribute to the seamless experience they expect."