Statement from Registry of Aruba (P4) on Russia aviation sanctions

Dear Aircraft Owners, Operators, and Leasing Firms:

First and foremost- our hearts are with all those impacted by the escalating situation between Russia and Ukraine. The Department of Civil Aviation Aruba (DCA) and The Registry of Aruba are closely monitoring the conflict and the sanctions being imposed against Russia and their effect on the aviation industry, including states committing to banning any aircraft owned, chartered, or otherwise controlled by a Russian legal or natural person.

In light of the developments in the Russia-Ukraine crisis, The DCA of Aruba and The Registry of Aruba are offering preferential rates to our existing Storage Program in support of aircraft owners, operators, and leasing firms. Aircraft affected by the ongoing situation can be placed in an approved storage program and will be registered under the private category in Aruba (AUA-OPS 2) until they are ready to return to service. The DCA of Aruba and The Registry of Aruba will continue to observe the circumstances and will advise of any updates.

See below for the official notification from the
Department of Civil Aviation Aruba.

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