Support Package for Northern Ireland Airports Approved


Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has announced that the Northern Ireland Executive has secured £5.7million support for Belfast City Airport (BCA), City of Derry Airport (CODA) and to associated airlines still operating passenger services.

The financial support package, to be joint funded by the Executive and the UK Department for Transport, will allow the airports and airlines to continue to operate for a period of three months.

Announcing the package Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon said: “As the COVID-19 lockdown continues, many people are continuing to deliver critical services across the North that are necessary to keep people safe and connected. This is particularly true of our airports who are dealing with a significant drop in passenger numbers and are valiantly working to keep our island connected during this difficult time. Our airports connect people and places and even in these times of restricted movement we need to facilitate essential travel including people who have to travel for urgent medical care and indeed staff in our valued NHS