Texas Aero upgrades with X-1FBO system

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Texas Aero, the FBO, aircraft charter, maintenance, sales & training company has gone live with the X-1FBO software solutions suite. 

In continuous operation since 1973 & with facilities at Odessa & Waco, Texas Aero are a long-established service provider in the Lone Star State! 

Texas Aero VP Operations, Barry E. Johnson was asked “Why did you choose the X-1FBO system?” 

“I work remotely a lot. We have two locations, Waco & Odessa. The ability to log on anywhere I am in the world & see what’s going on is important & the ability to make deals with people coming cross country at any time is a big deal to me. That’s something our previous system could not provide us with. 

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Barry E. Johnson

Just as important is that X-1FBO is easy to learn for admin & ramp staff & it allows our Customer Service team to be actively interacting with customers coming through the FBO & not have their heads buried in data. Also, to have the X-1 Customer Service team, every one of which has worked in an FBO, supporting us, is really great. They understand our business model & what we’re doing & they took all the time needed to get us to where we are today. I mean, you can’t buy that anywhere.” 

Jim Wiley, CEO & co-founder of X-1 & former FBO GM & Line Service Technician, said “It was very enjoyable working with Barry & the Texas Aero team on this project, especially as I am a ramp guy at heart myself. Our vision from the start for the X-1 suite of software solutions has been to streamline every FBO function to promote efficiency, better customer service & ease of use so the FBO team can take care of what is most important to them, the client!  And better service equals higher FBO margins.”

Media and Investor Contacts 

Jim Wiley, Co-Founder & CEO             +1 786 625-5070  jwiley@gmstek.com

Stephen Sandler, Co-Founder & CFO       +1 786 625-5075  ssandler@gmstek.com

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X-1FBO is a GMSTEK product


GMSTEK is an IT company focused on the Business & General Aviation industry. With a broad gauged management team that includes industry veterans, innovative system designers and financial experts, GMSTEK is ideally positioned to serve Business & General Aviation. X1 products are high tech, secure, comprehensive products that have been designed to enable FBOs to operate efficiently, while driving higher margins and growth. GMSTEK has a metrics driven management style, committed team, customer-centric focus, stress on best in class software, and a strong commitment to remaining ahead of the curve with the latest technology.