The year in review - Adel Mardini, Founder Jetex

2020 has changed the way people travel. COVID-19 has had a global effect on the air transport industry, touching every country. At the same time, private aviation has proven to be the safest and most efficient way to travel.

As commercial airline passenger traffic dropped 90% at COVID-19 peak, we continued to facilitate essential international travel, cargo and medical operations.

During 2020, Jetex has established new strategic partnerships between market players to enable stability and growth. This allowed us to offer bespoke itineraries and unique services to our customers, such as jet-to-yacht holidays and safe family vacations. We continued to lead in innovation and were the first to offer bipolar cabin ionization technology to sanitize aircraft cabins in the most efficient way.

We witnessed a substantial increase in private jet movements this year. In the highly competitive global environment, Jetex continued to lead as it added two more FBO locations to its global network this year: Jetex Marrakech, the largest VIP terminal in North Africa, and Jetex Singapore. In December, Jetex was once again recognized with the prestigious “FBO of the Year” award.

We created a dedicated cargo department in response to many new cargo initiatives over the last few months, such as express cargo and pharmaceutical services. When the crisis started, Jetex established air bridges from China to the rest of the world to transport medical equipment and other relief goods. Over the next few months, Jetex will evolve as a reliable global partner for efficient vaccine transportation.

This year’s accomplishments and achievements are due above all to our highly driven staff: a potent mix of collective efficiency that fuels the appeal and power of our global brand every day. During the most challenging times, some of our teams worked remotely while others worked at our global airport locations where they assisted flights that were transporting COVID-positive passengers and essential medical supplies.

I have a positive outlook towards the future of the industry that I am expanding our network. We will soon be announcing entry into new markets, adding new locations to our network of private terminals. We expect remarkable growth in the next three to five years.

Adel Mardini

Founder & CEO