Universal Aviation Brazil at São Paulo Catarina Executive/SBJH

Universal Aviation Brazil announced it is now supporting operators at São Paulo Catarina Airport  and has full-time staff based at the airport.

São Paulo Catarina Executive is a private airport located in the city of São Roque, approximately 40 minutes by car or 14 minutes by helicopter west of São Paulo, Brazil. It is São Paulo’s only executive airport, and Universal Aviation Brazil is the only third-party business aviation ground handler at the airport.

“Since opening in 2019, we’ve seen an increase in customers using Catarina Executive Airport,” said Andre Camargo, General Manager, Universal Aviation Brazil. “Due to the airport’s growing popularity with international operators and to help give Universal customers a greater span of control of their missions, we have added full-time staff at Catarina. Universal Aviation Brazil is now the only third-party business aviation supervisory ground handling agent at the airport.”

São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport is considered one of Latin America's most modern and technologically advanced airports. It features a 2,470-meter runway capable of accommodating large private jets and can handle up to 200,000 passengers per year.

“From our main FBO services office in Brazil, we will work with our team on the ground at Catarina Executive to manage all third-party arrangements, ensuring every detail is in place for our customers’ arrival,” said Camargo. “We have a very good working relationship with the airport’s management and the local authorities, allowing us to secure parking and permits quickly as well as any surprises that may pop up on the ground.”

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