Universal Aviation Dominican Republic to Manage, Modernize General Aviation Terminal at La Isabela Airport

Universal Aviation Dominican Republic has been selected to manage, operate, and modernize the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) at La Isabela Airport/MDJB, the closest airport by half the distance to Santo Domingo’s bustling financial district.

La Isabela Airport, also known as Higuero Dr Joaquin Balaguer Airport, is located 25 minutes from Santo Domingo’s financial district and hotels, as opposed to Las Américas International Airport (MDSD), also known as Santo Domingo Airport, which is almost twice the distance away from the city center.

“The Dominican Republic has experienced rapid growth in international arrivals since the start of the pandemic, with no signs of slowing,” said Greg Evans, chairman, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. “The name of the two airports serving Santo Domingo creates confusion for private operators trying to decide which airport is most convenient to the city’s financial district and hotels. For example, Las Americas Airport is misleadingly also known as Santo Domingo Airport despite being significantly further away from the city than La Isabela, which is the ‘real’ Santo Domingo city airport. For most private operators, La Isabela is the clear better option. It’s more convenient, private, has a 5,500-foot runway, and faster CIQ arrival and departures processes.”