Universal Aviation in Latin America – Expanding our Presence


Extracts from Chairmans Note by Greg Evans, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

There is tremendous optimism on the growth of business aviation in Latin America moving forward.

At Universal, we share that optimism. Over the last year, we’ve continued to grow and expand our footprint throughout the region in the high-risk and challenging destinations you’ve asked us to provide enhanced support.

We recently added a new Universal Aviation ground support location in Argentina. We are also in the process of managing the build-out of Costa Rica's first ever general aviation terminal, which we will manage upon completion.

Looking ahead, I’m confident that Latin America is an emerging market with great possibilities for business aviation. So we’re committed to continuing to look for opportunities to improve your experience whether it be new facilities, people, or systems. That can be in the form of multiple models – from physical locations with full-service FBOs, to ground handling agents we can send to smaller remote airports, as well as dedicated concierge agents who serve as an extension of our trip support teams on the ground at highly congested, high-risk and stress airports.

Universal Aviation Argentina