VBACE Report - X-1FBO Leads the Way in FBO Software & Commends the NBAA

Palmetto Bay, FL December 2, 2020 – GMSTEK the developer and marketer of the industry leading X-1FBO Management & Payment Processing System, is pleased to announce that X-1FBO is now used by FBOs in Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and Europe.


As a proud participant in the business aviation ecosystem, we commend the NBAA for creating VBACE under very challenging conditions and in a highly compressed timeframe. In these times, the industry has to come together to protect itself while serving the society at large; and we commend the NBAA for leading the way.


Since the last NBAA, X-1FBO has grown significantly both in numbers and geographical reach as FBOs literally across the world have recognized the benefits of X-1FBO over any alternative. Our commitment to our customers and prospective customers is that we will never stop innovating on behalf of them. Faster execution. Additional capabilities.  Strategic integrations that benefit our customers. Innovative new modules. Exceptional analytics. All with a single goal in mind: Enable our customers to serve their customers better, faster, and more comprehensively, so our customers can continually increase their revenue and profits.


As a company solely focused on developing the best FBO software, we have no other agenda. So, our customers can always expect our full commitment to them.


According to Jim Wiley, CEO, “Our goal with X-1FBO is to continue to lead by reimagining FBO software and how it can provide our customers with an advantage. Our plan is to expand that lead through a laser focus on the needs of our FBO customers.”



GMSTEK is an IT company focused on the General Aviation industry. With a broad gauged management team that includes industry veterans, innovative system designers and financial experts, GMSTEK is ideally positioned to serve General Aviation. X-1 products are high tech, secure, comprehensive products that have been designed to enable FBOs to operate efficiently, while driving higher margins and growth. GMSTEK has a metrics driven management style, committed team, customer-centric focus, stress on best in class software, and a strong commitment to remaining ahead of the curve with the latest technology.


Media and Investor Contacts

Jim Wiley, Co-Founder & CEO, (786) 625-5070, jwiley@gmstek.com

Stephen Sandler, Co-Founder & CFO, (786) 625-5075, ssandler@gmstek.com