Westchester County/White Plains/KHPN arrivals can now choose FBO for CBP

Arriving international business flights at New York’s Westchester County/KHPN now have their choice of FBOs at which to clear U.S CBP. 

Previously, all flights were required to first stop and clear at the U.S. CBP office in Signature Aviation’s West Terminal, but with the start of a pilot program, aircraft can now be met by Customs officers on the ramp of their preferred FBO and be processed onboard with digital technology.

“There was a long-standing relationship between Signature West and Customs,” said Million Air KHPN GM Lauren Rones-Payne. “The Customs office was built there, and it really then locked in the international traveler to clear U.S. Customs on their ramp, and after over 20 years there is now a new program that allows travelers to choose the FBO of their choice.”

Customers can now specify an arrival at Signature East or West, Million Air, or Atlantic Aviation East. The only exception is Atlantic’s facility on the west side of the field, which still maintains the artificial weight restriction imposed on it decades ago.

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