WFS surpasses 1.2M Gallons of SAF delivered to Gulfstream

October 21, 2020 Houston, Texas

World Fuel Services (World Fuel/WFS) has delivered more than 1.2 million gallons of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to support Gulfstream Aerospace’s environmental sustainability journey. In 2015, World Fuel and Gulfstream entered into a multiyear agreement that was the first of its kind in the aviation industry, and Gulfstream has extended the terms for an additional five years through April 2025. Since the original agreement, Gulfstream has used a portion of that 1.2 million gallons to fly more than 650 flights with a SAF Jet-A fuel blend. By using that SAF, Gulfstream reduced carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1,700 tons on these flights. The remainder of the fuel was delivered to the company’s California facilities for company and customer use. World Fuel will continue to support Gulfstream’s sustainability journey by providing a constant supply of SAF produced by our strategic partner, World Energy. For two decades, World Fuel has provided fuel and aviation solutions to support Gulfstream’s business-critical operations and was awarded a Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation 2018 Supplier of the Year Award for its continued investment in the company’s environmental sustainability. Steve Drzymalla, senior vice president for Business Aviation Bulk Fuel, World Fuel Services, stated: “We are honored to continue with our commitment and investment in Gulfstream’s push toward an environmentally sustainable future through our steady supply of SAF, and look forward to continuing the relationship well into the future.” Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream, stated: “The renewal of our contract with World Fuel is another step forward in our company’s decades-long history and commitment to promoting environmental sustainability in the aviation industry. Together with World Fuel and World Energy, we continue our drive toward carbon emissions reduction using SAF and encourage others to consider reducing their impact as well.” Bryan Sherbacow, chief commercial officer of World Energy, said: “World Energy works to expand access to new and innovative ways to drive change toward a lower-carbon future. We are excited to continue our work with World Fuel and Gulfstream and to provide ever-increasing access to SAF for the industry.” Gulfstream’s commitment to SAF goes beyond the company’s Savannah-based fleet, which includes corporate, demonstration, completion, customer support, and flight-test aircraft. The companies’ service centers in Van Nuys and Long Beach, California, also offer the same SAF blend. World Fuel and World Energy continue their commitment to addressing the demand for cleaner-burning, low-carbon aviation fuels and creating greater efficiencies by growing SAF’s production and distribution. In January 2020, World Fuel and World Energy together launched the World Economic Forum (WEF) SAF Program, designed to increase SAF availability and supply chain efficiency within the industry. As a member of the Coalition of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), World Fuel supports the business aviation industry’s goal to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050, including this renewed agreement, as well as other ongoing activities. Since 2015, World Fuel Services has delivered more than 22.1 million SAF gallons to business and commercial aviation customers.