X-1FBO Launches Frictionless Payments on the Ramp

Palmetto Bay, FL April 16, 2020

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Following on from last weeks’ launch of X-1 Cares, a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, GMSTEK, the developer of the industry leading X-1FBO Management and Payment Processing System today announced the launch of X-1PAY, which is designed to drive a new level of convenience and cost-effectiveness for FBOs and their customers. This new initiative means that many FBOs can expect the savings from X-1PAY to partly or completely offset the monthly fee for using X-1FBO.


Jim Wiley, CEO and Co-Founder of X-1FBO says “A continuing source of inconvenience for customers has been having to go to the CSR and wait to pay after all services have been completed. It causes friction and lost goodwill. Pilots just want to get their aircraft and passengers airborne. That is why we introduced X-1PAY, it enables faster, easier transactions. For pilots and operators, they benefit from the ability to collect payment planeside or to pay invoices and statements directly from an email. For FBOs, collecting from hangar tenants and other recurring payments costs has become easier. X-1PAY saves them time and money.”


Jim continued “X-1PAY is another advance in our quest to bring long needed automation to the Fixed Based Operator/Ground Handling sector. X-1PAY improves customer service in a highly cost-effective manner. Customers will love it, and so will Customer Service.  Our high-tech, next generation, X-1 products are becoming the industry standard as they drive simplicity, better customer service, higher revenue and higher margins for FBOs.”



GMSTEK is an IT company focused on the General Aviation industry. With a broad gauged management team that includes industry veterans, innovative system designers and financial experts, GMSTEK is ideally positioned to serve General Aviation. X-1 products are high tech, secure, comprehensive products that have been designed to enable FBOs to operate efficiently, while driving higher margins and growth. GMSTEK has a metrics driven management style, committed team, customer-centric focus, stress on best in class software, and a strong commitment to remaining ahead of the curve with the latest technology.


Media and Investor Contacts

Jim Wiley, Co-Founder and CEO, +1 786 625-5070, jwiley@gmstek.com

Stephen Sandler, Co-Founder and CFO, +1 786 625-5075, ssandler@gmstek.com

Web: www.X1FBO.com