X1-FBO bag Strategic Partner of the Year with Paragon Aviation Group

Paragon Aviation Group have announced that X-1FBO Software as Strategic Partner of the Year

"We are thrilled to share the news that X-1FBO has been honored as the Strategic Partner of the Year by the FBOs of the Paragon Aviation Group network! The award is a testament to our team’s daily hard work, commitment and dedication to customer service and innovation.

The award is voted on by over 300 individuals in the Paragon Network. It's a honor to be recognized by such a diverse group of independent FBOs! We are just getting warmed up!!! Much more coming in 2024!!"  said X-1FBO Co-founder & CEO.

X1 Paragon 2bjpeg
Megan Barnes, President, Paragon Aviation Group and Jim Wiley, Co-founder and CEO X-1FBO